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Mary Lawless Lee

Stories, Souvenirs, and Everyday Wonders from the Life in Between.

Open yourself to the thrill of curiosity in every moment. In this gorgeous full-color book, Mary Lawless Lee shares how her childhood in a small Texas town taught her to look deeper, reach farther, and love harder, whether she's baiting a fishing hook or choosing shoes for a fashion shoot. Through her stunning writing and delightful stories, Mary invites you to

  • say yes to adventure with equal parts planning and spontaneity
  • relish the food and drink that nourishes your spirit--with recipes for Sunday pot roast, butternut squash taquitos, mint mojitos, and more
  • create a playlist for the places life takes you and the people you meet
  • remember the feel of dirt on your toes or the first days of falling in love
  • discover how outdoor pursuits cultivate mindfulness and how to pamper your overworked self at home

Living the Happily Grey life means protecting your time, preserving your energy, and--most of all--loving your people. It means remembering that sometimes less than perfect is exactly enough, and that life is best when we dive deep into the wildness and wonder of this world.


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November 16 / Bookends / 6PM ET

Ridgewood, NJ

November 17 / Private Location / 7PM CT

Nashville, TN

November 29 / Barnes & Noble / 7PM PT

Los Angeles, CA

November 30 / Bookpeople / 7PM CT

Austin, TX

December 3 / Posman Books / 1PM ET

Atlanta, GA

December 6/ Barbara's Bookstore / 6PM CT

Chicago, IL

December 10/ Happily Grey / 1PM CT

Nashville, TN

"Stories, Souvenirs, and Everyday Wonders from the Life in Between."

Mary On Journaling...

I was bad at first. Conversing with myself felt more like meeting a shifty Tinder date than an old friend, and even in the loving space of a blank page, I struggled to be honest with myself.

Journaling isn’t storytelling, it’s truth-telling, and nothing is as uncomfortable, intimate, or illuminating as the bare-assed, pock-marked, dimply, fully naked truth. Even though it hurt sometimes, as promised, it also set me free. It was worth every sweaty, stressed-out moment of reflection.

These days I get plenty of writing in for work, but still, nothing is as challenging or as healing to me as journaling. When I get stuck (which I totally do), these prompts never fail to get the pen rolling.

Questions to Kickstart Journaling:

When was the last time you trusted yourself?

What made you laugh today?

Whom do you miss?

Where do you feel the most at peace?

What do you need to feel safe today?

When do you feel the most beautiful?

Whom can you forgive?

Why are you proud of yourself?

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